Room-507, Dept. of Chemistry (S7-6)

Room for synthesis of organic materials including polymers, preparation of measurement samples, and analyses using chemical reagents such as titration.


Equipment: Chemist Plaza (No. 1 and 2)

Manufacturer: SHIBATA

Model: Chemi Chemi-100

We can carry out organic synthesis and polymerization by using “Chemist Plaza” under argon atmosphere without water and oxygen.  Different five reactions can be conducted at once by changing reaction condition such as temperature, reaction time, and concentration.  Vial containers and Schlenk tubes can be used.

Equipment: Rotary evaporator (No. 1 – 3)

Manufacturer: EYELA

Model: N-1000 (No. 1 and 2), REN-1000 (No. 3)

These evaporators equip with solvent recovery system (DPE-1220) and vacuum controller (NVC-2100), and we can easily evaporate solvent without bumping and solvent exposure.

Equipment: Autoclave


Model: TEM-V1000

We can carry out a reaction under additional pressure (< 1.5 MPa).  In the case of heating reaction using agents with lower boiling point such as ethylene oxide (bp = ca. 11 °C), we can conduct the reaction.  By connecting vacuum line and Ar line, Ar atmosphere can be easily achieved into the reaction bottle.

Equipment: Ar and vacuum line

Manufacturer: —

Model: —

There are eight Ar line, two vacuum lines, and one monolithic type line (Ar and vacuum).  We can conduct organic synthesis including polymer synthesis (living anionic and living radical polymerization) by using these lines.

Equipment: Mili-Q (pure water production system)

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Model: Barnstead Easypure RoDi

Due to equipping with RO (reverse osmosis) membrane and UV lamp, we can obtain pure water with ionic conductivity of lower than 18.2 MW and without any fungi.

Room-511, Dept. of Chemistry (S7-6)

Room for preparation of samples; fabrication of batteries in grove box; spectroscopy; instrumental analysis such as chromatography (GC, LC).

Equipment: Glove box (No. 1)

Manufacturer: VAC

Model: MV-1042

For treatment of sulfur and sodium.  Argon gas is fulfilled in this box, and we can prepare samples such as batteries without water and oxygen.

Equipment: Glove box (No. 2)

Manufacturer: VAC

Model: MV-1004

For common use.  Argon gas is fulfilled in this box, and we can work without water and oxygen.

Equipment: Impedance analyzer (No. 1 and 2)

Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard

Model: 4192A

We can conduct impedance measurement of samples such as polymer electrolytes and liquids in the range of 5 Hz to 13 MHz.  By using the exclusive incubator, we can measure the impedance at the temperature range between -20 °C and 150 °C.

Equipment: 8Ch charge/discharge unit (No.1 – 6)

Manufacturer: Hokuto Denko

Model: HJ10mSM8A

We can conduct electrochemical measurements such as charge/discharge test of the fabricated batteries.  One unit has 8 channels.

Equipment: Multi potentiostat

Manufacturer: Prinston Applied Research

Model: VMP2

We can conduct all electrochemical measurements such as charge/discharge test, impedance measurement, and cyclic voltammetry.  This apparatus has 16 channels.

Equipment: HPLC measurements systems (No. 1 – 4)

Manufacturer: Shimadzu

Model: —

We own four HPLC systems for one ion chromatography (No. 1) and three GPCs (gel permeation chromatography).  The eluents of GPC are chloroform (No. 2), DMF (No. 3), and THF (No. 4).  Conductivity detector (No. 1), RI (refractive index) detector (No. 3 and 4), and UV detector (No. 2 – 4) are equipped.  No. 2 has auto-injector.  Polystyrene, PMMA, and PEG are used as standard samples for the analysis of GPC measurements.

Equipment: Stabinger viscometer

Manufacturer: Anton Paar

Model: SVM3000

We can measure viscosity and density of small amount of the sample.

Equipment: UV-vis spectrometer

Manufacturer: Shimadzu

Model: UV-2500PC

We can measure absorption spectra of the solution and film samples.  If a circulator is connected, the solution samples can be measured the spectra by changing temperature.

Equipment: Spectrofluorometer

Manufacturer: JASCO

Model: FP-6500

We can measure fluorescence spectra of the solution and film samples.  If a circulator is connected, the solution samples can be measured the spectra by changing temperature.  And quantum yield of the solution sample can also be estimated by comparing to standard sample.

Equipment: FT-IR spectrometer

Manufacturer: Nicolet

Model: AVATAR360 FT-IR

We can measure IR spectra of the solid sample (KBr method) and liquid sample (sandwiching with NaCl plate).  And both solid and liquid samples can also be measured the spectra by ATR (attenuated total reflection) method.

Equipment: Laser Raman spectrometer

Manufacturer: JASCO

Model: RMP-330

We can measure Raman spectra of solid samples such as synthesized carbon materials and liquid samples such as glyme complexes.

Equipment: Gas chromatography

Manufacturer: Shimadzu

Model: GC-2014

Carrier gas is He.  This apparatus can be quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed the samples in the mixture by TCD (thermal conductivity detector).  Conversion of the polymerization can be estimated by internal standard method.  There are two columns (adsorption and non-adsorption type).  Temperature can be changed from room temperature to 240 °C.

Equipment: Polarization microscope

Manufacturer: Olympus

Model: BX51

Checking of the single crystals for X-ray crystallography.  Observation of liquid crystals (spherulites).

Equipment: Stereoscopic microscope

Manufacturer: Olympus

Model: SZX16

Checking of the surface of microelectrodes.

Equipment: Karl-Fischer moisturemeter

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Model: CA-07

Determination of small amount of water in the sample solution.

Equipment: Automatic surface tensiometer

Manufacturer: Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd.

Model: CBVP-Z

We can measure the surface tension of the liquid and solution samples by Wilhelmy plate method.

Equipment: QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance)




Equipment: Laser displacement meter

Manufacturer: KEYENCE

Model: LC-2400

We can observe the displacement of polymer actuators, which show softly bending when the voltage is applied the sample.

Equipment: Density/specific gravity meter

Manufacturer: Kyoto Electronics

Model: DA-100

We can measure density of small amount of the sample.





Room-515b, Dept. of Chemistry (S7-6)

Room for measurement of micelles, spectroscopy in dark room, and electrochemical measurement.

Room-515c, Dept. of Chemistry (S7-6)

Room for synthesis of inorganic materials, preparation of samples, electrochemical measurement of batteries, and so on.

Room-113, Dept. of Chemistry (S7-6)

Room for observation, reological, and mechanical properties of soft materials.

Room-E104-2, General Research Bldg. (S9-1)

Room for fabrication and measurement of batteries, electrochemical measurement using micro-electrode, measurement of solar cell, and so on.

Room-306, Cooperative Research & Development Center (N9-2)

Room for analysis of thermo-properties, measurement of fuel cell, and observation of microstructure.

Room-102, Instrumental Analysis Center (N8-2)

Management by a specialist belonging to Instrumental analysis center.

Research Group on Macromolecular Electrochemistry